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Architectural Design

Architectural Design Services Offered

Our team of skilled professionals from multidisciplinary fields provide solutions to any architectural predicament. This approach leads to efficient, functional, aesthetic and economic complete building solutions.

Our architects and engineers work together with CAD specialists and other support staff to achieve the best possible results which aligns with the philosophy of sustainable design.

We tie up with the best in the field to build beautiful and stable structures.

Here are some of the many steps we take in order to deliver unparalleled service :

 Programme / Brief Development

 Site Evaluation / Investigations

 Design Work



 Plumbing (Sanitary / Water Supply System, Waste / Sewage Disposal, Rain Water Disposal /       Harvesting)

 Fire Fighting Design

 HVAC Design

 Site Development

 Construction Documents
       Bill of Quantities
       Schedule of Finishes
       Technical Specifications
       List of Approved Manufacturers, Suppliers and Installers
       Programme Plan for Execution Including Schedule of Work

 AUTOCAD Generated / Physical Models

 Coordinate Shop Drawings of Contractors

 Construction Support
       Project Management
       Periodic Inspection and Evaluation of Construction Work
       Billing & Authorising Payments

 Turn Key Project Development

 As Built Drawings

Architect for Commercial Architect for Bungalow

Our Commercial architects team prepare designs and specifications for commercial buildings, such as offices and factories, retail outlets and shopping malls, rail and air terminals, hospitals, hotels, and sports and leisure facilities.

Bungalow, single-storied house with a sloping roof, usually small and often surrounded by a veranda. ... The name derives from a Hindi word meaning “a house in the Bengali style” and came into English during the era of the British administration of India.