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Interior Design

Interior Design Services

What good is a building –  however artistically made from the outside, if its insides are unlivable or pose challenges to an efficient day-to-day workflow for its residents.

 The team of Interior Designers at Riana Architects brings a decades-long vast experience of transforming residential, commercial and office spaces.

We believe in making significant changes in our clients’ lifestyle by the incorporation of novel trends along with the cultural values. We always deliver premium and incomparable interior design services custom-made to our esteemed clients’ preferences.

Furthermore, we collaborate with our clients to get the best possible results together. Our expert Interior Decorators will listen carefully, brainstorm the ideas with you and then execute efficiently. We try to keep our clients thoroughly involved during every design process through continuous feedback in order to provide a mesmerizing output matching with the client’s expectation.

Our expertise in the area helps us create dream interior designs. Let us help you in transforming yours into reality.

Here are the project types, where we can implement our skills and expertise :

→ Field surveys and Inventories
→ Housing (single, multistoried and area housing)
→ Industrial Structures (steel trusses, RCC shells etc.)
→ Office Buildings
→ Religious Places and Institutions
→ Hospitals
→ Tourist Resorts and Hotels
→ Public Buildings
→ Academic and Research Institutions and Campuses
→ Recreation – Sporting Centers, Swimming Pools etc.
→ Commercial Buildings